Here is an example about the possible savings SWS will bring to you.

A standard print job is a 12 pages brochure (A4 size, backstiched). According to all major tests which can be done in SWS you are

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gaining higher production quality and security. Depending on the number of jobs and the size they have the time saving itself makes it worth investing into such a system. Additionally the user achieves more process security and quality enhancements. This means less reclamations. While the system does all the testing the user can do other work. Compaired to manual operation the system does all testing much faster (about 5 -10 min needed for a standard PDF file). The table shows the times needed for manual doing, which will be saved using the SmartWorkflowSystem. This figures are depending from type of company and technical equipment, but they will give you some reference point. All in all more profit is gained from the daily work.

Manual task Minutes / Page Minutes / Job
Checking Bleed 0,5 6
Checking Barcode 0,5 6
Checking Variance 1 12
Checking Color separation 1 12
Control Image resolution 1 12
Control TAC 1 12
Do proof and/or laser print – process per document – 5
Preflight – process per document – 3
File transfer / E-Mail – process per document – 3
Saved time / job 5 71