I have been providing services to industry for 25 years now. I provide development, design and my own LED-Normlight products. In order to face new challenges and stay flexible I interested for new industrial sectors and technology. I work together with reputable manufacturers and develop also custom solutions. Integration with existing systems is of utmost importance – investment protection is the keyword of the time. You have already invested time and money. My work ethic is “analysis – proposal – realization”. Healthy growth is the motto. For larger project I have a small team with “old hands” and “young foxes”. This means both innovation as well as industry knowledge. As head of LacunaSolutions I bring customers, vendors and developers together and realize your projects. Despite my affinity for technology I pay attention to business thinking and am sympathetic to all sides. My priorities are neutrality and the interests of my clients.

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Alexander Demmler and team

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