We have a wide spectrum of knowledge,experiences and technologies.
Tell us about your ideas and we will offer you a solution.

  • Software development (UI-Applications, Mobile-Apps, Web-Applikationen)
  • Process Automatisation
  • Workflow Design
  • PDF creation, manipulation, analyses and processing
  • Perl,  C/C++, Java
  • PHP, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3
  • Databases (MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL)
  • LED Hardware development (Controller, LED-Light Systems …)
  • Customized LED light solutions
  • Microcontroller development (Atmel, Arduino)
  • Integrated systems (RaspberryPI, BananaPi, Odroid and others)
  • Mobile Device Developement

Industry 4.0 is on everyone’s lips. The idea is not new, but the technologies have changed and platforms like Arduino, Raspberry PI and others make it easier to get there. Additionally there is the availability of high-tech manufacturing processes (3D printing, laser cutting, CNC milling) and the services of a “Makerspace”. Complex products become more tangible. The whole process wants to be understood and taken into account, software for control, parameterization and monitoring make the whole first operable. We support you with your product development, prototyping and production with our experience and knowledge. This service can be also afforded by smaller companies, startups and lone fighters. Talk to me about it and let your ideas become reality.