SpectraProof is a unique softproofing system for multi-channel PDFs. Its simplicity is only surpassed by its accuracy. The more information you have about your colors the more precise the on screen rendering. A single Lab measurement, a single spectrum or spectral ramps printed on the substrate and over black feed the builtin spectral prediction model to achieve higher and higher precision.

A connected spectrometer can be used to measure additional colors or substrates, to calibrate the wide gamut monitor, and to verify all the colors rendered in a job. Missing colors can be replaced by colors from the built in spectral libraries, or quickly remeasured.

Basic annotation tools and the possibility to exchange complete jobs with other users facilitate a simple but powerful workflow.

The SpectraProof® system is the perfect combination of our led – normlicht monitor hood and our own spectral soft proofing application. Both enables easy remote collaboration and color communication at a new level.

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