Light audit FograCert

Combining visual appraisal with energy efficiency

The new Fogra service “Light Audit” is addressing print service providers, that are looking for both saving costs and increasing light quality when changing to LED technologies.
The main focus of this service is the combination of high quality room (indoor workplace) lighting with norm light. As an FograCert Light audit Expert i provide a general Light Audit as an ISO 3664 conformity check for your norm light installations.

“The 21st century will be enlighted by LED lamps” said the Nobel price committee in 2014. Modern LED technologies can contribute to energy savings for general lighting up to 70%. This leads to short amortisation times. In addition LEDs are due to its increased lifetime much more sustainable than conventional lamps (when used correctly). The Fogra light audit extends the energy related view on using retrofit lamps by also checking the lighting conditions from prepress to press.

Fogra Light-Audit covers:
¬ Inventory of the present viewing cabinets according to ISO 3664:2009
¬ Expert opinion on how to deal with OBA-rich substrates (OBA and UV-amounts)
¬ Lighting analysis of the general lighting situation according to EN 12464-1
¬ Expert opinion with in-depth analysis of the situation and recommendations and proposed changes for up to 6 work places

¬ High quality colour communication with OBA-rich substrates (M1 based measurements)
¬ Key figures for energy management systems
¬ Quality guidelines for the upcoming lighting planning
¬ Basis for related funding programs and return on invest calculations

Procedure and costs:
¬ 1 day on site
¬ 875 € / 1250 € (Fogra-members / non members) + traveling costs

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