Dear Spectraproof partner,

    right now I am working on a new generation of Spectralight. I am asking you for your feedback and comments in order to improve our product. To answer 7 questions it may take a few minutes. Thank you for your help in advance! It is most welcome!

    Alexander Demmler

    1. We had the idea of integrationg a light sensor into the hood for autocalibration.
    But because spectral sensors have become quite expensive.
    I would still recommend to use iOneDisplay or iOnePro for all measurements.
    The client need one of these devices for monitor calibration and/or paper/color measurements anyway.

    2. Right now we deliver our own light hood - which is made from aluminium.
    The major reasons to do so are:
    - More durable than the plastic hoods
    - No need for the enduser to modify (drilling holes) existing hoods
    - The greyish color fits ISO 3664 and is needed get FOGRA Cert
    - The lighter color acts as an reflector for a better light distribution

    The alternative would be to build a more simple version to be attached to the hood from the monitor vendor? This would be slightly cheaper but has lots of caveats.
    The question here is "shall we produce further our own light hood"?

    3. There is the posibility to create a cheaper version of monitor light.
    Ofcourse this does not match ISO3664 - but it is close to it (UV less, CRI >90, dimmable). This would be aplicable according to user purpose/license than:
    Full Version + Spectralight Professional = approx 6000€ retail
    Viewer Version + Spectralight Entry = approx 2500€ retail

    Shall we offer 2 versions of Spectralight?

    4. Right now we use the software from the monitor vendor for hardware calibration.
    Also we have integrated own calibration functions for other monitors.
    This is in alpha / testing phase - right now.

    We could build or own „Monitor Hardware Calibration Functionality", also.
    But be aware that this is a lot of work to do and can cause even more issues.

    5. There is multiple vendors offering monitors with hardware calibration. In order to have less problems with support we may reduce the set of "supported" monitors to Eizo, Benq, Viewsonic.

    6. How important would it be to support even low quality - non hardware calibratable - monitors. Those may appear on pure viewing stations. Would it be acceptable for the enduser to buy a new and supported monitor?

    7. What are your general thoughts about spectraproof as a product:
    - Functionality
    - Usability
    - Costs
    - Missing features

    All provided information will be keept confidential and is for internal use only!
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